Membership Up-To-Date But Can't Access Membership Pages Including Online Classes & Bookings?

Choose the "Use My SGMA Credit" option on the Plans & Pricing page by going though My Membership Plan. This option will allow you temporary access to all membership areas (without asking for any credit card information) while we address and correct any issues and / or update your membership account.

*You do not need to have SGMA credit to use this option. For members with existing SGMA credit, this option does not send your updated credit balance information*


Why Can't I Access In-Person Class Bookings?

As per our government and health authorities, in-person classes are not permitted at this time. In-Person class bookings will be available when health restrictions are lifted.

Where Can I Find Online Class Links?

Find the links to our Interactive Online Zoom Classes under My Class Bookings. Choose the button that says "Online Class Links.  For your security, students may need to do a One Time Registration when accessing the Online Zoom Links.For added security, Online Class Links are CHANGED periodically.

The Class Link Isn't Working? Try refreshing the page.

When links are changed, refreshing of the page is often needed

Screen says "This host has another meeting in progress"? Try refreshing the page.  

We can only run one Zoom meeting at a time. When class links are changed and the old link is tried, this is the message often received. Refreshing this page updates the link to the one in use.

Still Having Issues ?

Please contact us by email at or call us at 587-225-5144

Please note

We may not be able to assist during class times as we are teaching and running the online classes. We ask for and appreciate your patience as we work to bring you quality training in the new interactive online way of teaching. We are trained well in Taekwondo and doing our best with technology!

All Classes run for 45 minutes