Rules, Member Expectations and SGMA Policies & Procedures

MEMbership overview


  • Membership Online Registration and Payment is required for all online classes and can be Cancelled at anytime

  • Members agree to take the SGMA Online World Taekwondo Classes AT THEIR OWN RISK

  • Members under the age of 18 years old must have permission to participate in our Online Classes by a Parent or Legal Guardian.

  • Members under the age of 16 must be supervised by a Parent, Legal Guardian or other authorized family member 16 years or older.

  • Doboks (Taekwondo Uniform) and Belts are required at every SGMA Online Taekwondo class. Members can purchase uniforms through SGMA. We offer free curbside delivery in the south Calgary area.

  • Belt Testing & Promotion is required at the recommendation of the Master or Head Instructor. Fees apply

  • Members are always required to show respect for their Instructors and Classmates 

  • Always consult a physician before beginning any new physical activities

  • Bullying, AT ANYTIME is not tolerated in or out of the club. Members using their Taekwondo skills for bullying will have their membership revoked immediately and not be allowed to return to Online or In Studio classes

MEMBERSHIP payment policy


  • Membership Fee apply and are required prior to taking any SGMA Online Classes

  • Membership Fees can be paid online through our secure website on your Membership Login page or by filling out a Pre-Authorized Payment Agreement Form (pdf)

  • Membership Fees, Belt Testing Fees & Equipment Fees can change without notice.



cancelation policy


  • Members can cancel their Online Class Membership at anytime and for any reason 24 hours prior to their next scheduled payment by selecting ________ if paying through our website OR by filling out the Membership Cancellation form if using an SGMA Pre-Authorized Payment Agreement Form (PDF).  Membership Cancellation form is available at

Refund Policy


  • SGMA does not offer refunds for our Online Classes, Doboks (uniforms), Equipment purchased or Belt Testing & Promotion Fees.


world Taekwondo belt testing


  • Belt testing and advancement is required for every student at the recommendation of the Master or Head Instructor.

  • Belt promotion testing fees are not included in membership fees and are due at the time of testing registration.

  • Promotion tests include the testing, a new belt with a passing grade and a certificate of advancement signed by 6th Dan World Taekwondo Master Paul Thibault, which is a recognized certification by the Alberta Taekwondo Association, Taekwondo Canada and the World Taekwondo Federation

  • Current Certified World Taekwondo Black Belts are required to test for each black belt within 6 months of my testing eligibility date in order to continue training at SGMA.

  • Belt Promotion Test Fees are non refundable.



privacy Policy

  • SGMA records All Online Classes. All photos and videos obtained by SGMA may be used in promotional material for the club. In attending our Online Classes, members allow their image to be used for this purpose with the understanding that they will not be compensated. 

  • SGMA will never share any contact information to for any reason without the expressed consent of our members unless in the case of severe emergency or legal requirement.


participation, disclaimer and Waiver of Liability


  • The Member or Parent / Legal Guardian hereby agree that Participation in our Online Martial Arts Classes serves as Acceptance and Agreement of the SGMA Participation Waiver & Liability, Rules and Regulations, Belt Promotion Policies, Payment Policies and Refund Policies as well as all other future policies that SGMA deems necessary.

  • If the Member believes anything is unsafe or beyond their capabilities, it is the members responsibility to stop participating in the activity of issue and immediately inform one of the instructors or the Online Class Administrator.

  • World Taekwondo martial arts training is a full and physical contact sport and online or in-person participation might result in serious injury, including permanent disability or death, and severe social and economic loss.

  • Members assume all of the foregoing risks and accept personal responsibility for any damages that may result from injury, permanent disability or death.

  • Members enter martial arts training and/or competition entirely of their own free will and understand the importance of following the rules of training and competition. 

  • If any injuries or illnesses occur that could affect the ability to participate, members must notify the club managers and coaches, and discuss the appropriateness of martial arts training with a doctor.

  • In case of injury, members agree to have a doctor, nurse, athletic training or other emergency medical personnel provide them with medical assistance or treatment for such injury.

  • SGMA Registered Members are not permitted by law to attempt to teach any of the aspects of Studios Group Martial Arts elsewhere except with expressed and written consent of the Chief Instructor, including but not limited to instruction at other martial arts clubs, fitness club, school and community centres as well as for personal business for profit.

  • All photos and videos from the SGMA Online Classes, Club Events, Competitions and Trainings in or outside of the SGMA facility may be used in promotional material for the club with no compensation to the participant.

  • SGMA will never share any contact information to for any reason without the expressed consent of our members unless in the case of severe emergency or legal requirement.

  • Members voluntarily release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue, Studios Group Martial Arts Ltd, its affiliated organizations and governing bodies, their officers, instructors and personnel, other members of the organizations, participants, supervisors, coaches, sponsoring organizations or their agents, and if applicable, owners and leasers of the premises from any and all liability to the undersigned, his or her heirs and next of kin for any and all claims, demands, losses and damages which may be sustained and suffered on account of injury, including death or damage to property, caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the releasees or otherwise while engaged in SGMA activities inside and outside of the training studios, or near the premised or place of activity of SGMA.

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